Founded by experts in the data intelligence space, San Francisco based FirstTwo provides location-based visual intelligence to over 2,000 public safety agencies across the United States. Officers can visualize information in real-time on a map from any device.

FirstTwo’s goal and mission is to make its customers safer and smarter by arming them with intelligence in the field or in the office.

FirstTwo works out of the box for any agency in the United States without setup or download. Find out more at

Past Portfolio

Cofounded Intelius in 2003. Intelius is a top consumer information services company delivering people information. Successfully sold to private equity in 2015.

Cofounded TalentWise in 2005. TalentWise is a technology company that’s transforming the way HR selects, screens, and onboards new hires. Raised $25 million financing round and successfully spun out enterprise in 2013. Successfully sold in January 2016 to strategic SterlingBackCheck and Goldman Sachs to create the largest screening company in the United States.

Cofounded inome in 2012. We built a high-performance information graph with billions of nodes and edges to encode the information-genome of each individual. At inome, we took the worlds information and made it people centric. Successfully sold to private equity in 2015.


30 years of experience in technology and entrepreneurship.

Currently Cofounder and CEO of FirstTwo.

Previously Cofounder of Intelius, inome, and Talentwise. These three companies had combined almost $1 billion in revenue from 2003-2015. In June of 2015, Intelius and inome were sold to a private equity firm. In January of 2016, Talentwise was sold to strategic Sterling and Goldman Sachs.